Having travelled extensively throughout South America and various other parts of the world we know that travelling is something that makes your senses tingle. It is not just the sights that you see that make the experience but all of your senses working together that make travel such an exciting and fulfilling adventure. We at Five Senses Travel want you to get the “Full sensual experience” we will guide you through the very best of Sights, Sounds, Flavours, Textures and Aromas of the region.

The sense of sight is what lets us appreciate the magnificence of the world around us through the transfer of light and colour. Whether we are studying the awe inspiring beauty of a mountain range, a Condor soaring above us or a freshly blossomed cacti flower sight is what will generally make us first aware. Our other senses will then tune into these sights and make the experience whole. “Seeing is not always believing” as the saying goes and you will find this to be very appropriate to many of our tours where the scenery and sights are beyond belief.

The oxford dictionary defines hearing as the faculty of perceiving sounds. There are places in the Andes where you may not perceive any more than a ringing in your ears due to the complete and utter lack of even the slightest sound. On the other hand you may come across some local carnival celebrations that will leave you overpowered with the cacophony of several bands playing at once. Happily there is a happy medium and some beautiful sounds to appreciate from the spine tingling Andean pipes to the tropical sound of parrots squawking.

Maize and potatoes were the staple diet of the Amerindian people of the Andes which could be perceived as pretty bland. Luckily the use of Aji (chilli), herbs and various meats (including that of llama) make for a very interesting culinary experience. Add to this the many different variants of excellent wine available from the wine regions of the country and your taste buds will be anything but disappointed!

The touch of a texture such as the special wool products produced by locals here over centuries, will give an amazing sensation. On the other hand joining a family in the intimacy of making empanadas for the evening meal while laughing and chatting about thier daily lives will give you completly different yet deeper sensation.

If you are interested in touching the hearts of some of the people here who are not as fortunate as you by giving a hand in a local NGO, we can arrange that too.

The smell of meat slowly grilling over an open fire is undoubtable what one would expect in Argentina. There are many other smells that are typical of this region such as the aroma of the altiplano grasses or the incense of offerings to mother earth. Probably the most pleasing of all the smells you will encounter will be the fresh and fruity smell of the excellent local Torrontes or Malbec wines that you will find in the many vineyards across the region.

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