Perito Moreno Glacier Tours & The Parque Nacional de los Glaciares

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A visit to Patagonia would not be complete without a day trip to the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most accessible glaciers in the world.

This massive sheet of ice is an amazing spectacle to behold and it can move up to 2 meters per day resulting in massive sheathes of ice falling into the lake below.

Our day trip offers you the chance to observe the Glacier by strolling along the walkways opposite as well as a cruise to get a better, more up close and personal look.

The Lago Argentino is the largest body of water in Argentina and it spreads out a massive distance. There are opportunities to travel up and down the different “arms” or “brazos” to admire other lesser known areas like the Upsala glacier to the north and Lago Roca to the south.

If you would like to get away from it all we can arrange a stay in one of the Estancias hidden within the Parque Nacional de los Glaciares which offer the chance to soak up the beauty of the area away from the crowds. Exploring on horseback around the tree lined lakes is another great option on offer.

We have both day tours and multi day tours which can be customised to include more or less time in the National Park.

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