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A brief note

Argentina has a very varied culture with influences from the pre-columbian peoples to the massive influence of the Spanish.

The culture is further enriched by the arrival of immigrants who populated this amazing country from such varied places as Italy, Wales, Germany and neighbouring countries. Argentine Spanish includes many words that come from pre-columbian peoples as well as Italian, English and even Arabic.

This combination shows just how much outside influence has affected Argentine culture. Different regions of the country have a very different feeling. In Buenos Aires you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Europe with its magnificent architecture and wide congested streets whereas in the northern towns of Humahuaca or Tilcara the surrounding mountains and high altitude desert give a totally unique ambiance.

To get a real feel for what life is like in the rural areas we offer the Five Senses Experiences to give you the chance to live as the locals do. Our Argentina Culture Tour will educate and inform your visit to this very special region.

Cuisine in Argentina has also been heavily affected by outside influence. In cities you will find many Arabic and Chinese restaurants. In more rural areas you are more likely to find the traditional Parrilladas serving empanadas and every cut of beef you can think of. The staple diet for the majority of the population is the beef produced within the country. You will still find Andean delicacies in the north west as well as great sea-food on the coast. Time, when people are not working, is generaly spent drinking mate (herbal tea) or sharing a few glasses of wine in the many plazas throughout the country. Family is a huge thing with vurtualy everybody meeting up on a Sunday for a huge slab of beef cooked over an open fire.

Argentina is particularly famous for its excellent variety of wine from the two main wine growing regions of Mendoza in the west and Cafayate in the north. There is much dispute over which of these two regions produces the best wine. The wines of the north, grown at higher altitude, are in our view far superior. Come and judge for yourself with one of our Five Senses Wine Tours.

If you are interested in finding out more about the culture and cuisine of Argentina just ask please get in touch and we look forward to creating your perfect Argentina Culture Tour.


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