• North West Argentina Music and Dance Experience
  • The world Famous Tango
  • Regional Gaucho folk music
  • Carnival Party time
  • International music concerts
  • Singing and playing the guitar around an open fire

A brief note

Music and dance are a huge part of South American culture, from Samba to Tango to the all out craziness of carnival there is something for everybody to enjoy.

The most famous dance that has emerged from Argentina is of course the Tango with its classic music rhythm and its very distinctive steps and movements it it unmistakable and practiced throughout the world. In Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires, there are many places where you can give the Tango a go for yourselves.

Tango is however, not the only dance for which Argentina is known as the Gaucho culture of the rural areas have a style all of their own. The folklore music as is known is a much more rustic experience with gauchos “stamping” moves to copy the horses of which they are so dependent as well as the swinging of handkerchiefs and beautiful ladies dressed in traditional garb. A folklore concert is something not to be missed while in the Northern parts of the country and we will be more than willing to show you the very best Salta has to offer.

Our North West Argentina Music and Dance experience will show you our local style and the rhythms that pulsate through our daily lives and onto our dance floors.

In the month of February the whole of Latin America comes alive with the world famous carnival, parties are everywhere at this time of year with outdoor concerts and carnival processions filling the streets. If you are people who like to party this is definitely the time to come.


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