• Bespoke North West Argentina Wildlife Tours
  • The South American Camelids
  • The mighty yet stealthy Puma
  • The dense vegetation of the tropical cloud forest
  • Hardy aromatic high altitude plants
  • The huge variety of Cacti species

A brief note

Five Senses Travel offers custom North West Argentina wildlife tours tours to introduce you to the region’s exciting and varied flora and fauna.

The North West of Argentina is home to many animals including probably the most recognisable animals of South America the Camelid species. These comprise of the Llama, Guanaco and Vicuña.  You may also come across Emu’s, Foxes, Viscacha and even the mighty Puma!

Of course we cannot forget about the largest flying bird in the New World, the Andean Condor that soars throughout the Andes Mountains.

Many other species live in the subtropical north outside of the mountainous region. Prominent animals include Peccary wild pigs, Capybara, Bush dogs, and various species of Turtle and Tortoise. There are a wide variety of birds, notably Hummingbirds, Flamingos, Toucans, and Swallows.

In addition to the amazing fauna the flora of this region is spectacularly varied from semi-arid thorny bushes and cacti to the moss-covered Cloud-forest trees such as the Apacho and Ciebo.

The North West also presents optimal conditions for the large scale growth of grape vines which you will see in the Cafayate wine region.

When we move into the mountains hardly any vegetation is able to grow at the highest elevations (above 4,000 m (13,000 ft.) because of the extreme altitude. Some plants however are hardy enough to survive at these dizzying heights and provide sustenance to the few species of mammals that brave these areas.

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