• North West Argentina History Tour
  • Pre-columbian sites and ruins
  • The influence of the Inca
  • The impact of the Spanish conquistadores
  • The battle for indipendence
  • The foundation of modern Argentina

A brief note

Argentina was once inhabited by hunter gatherer peoples that would migrate across its vast plains and mountains in search of food. Around 10,000 years ago the first settlements are thought to have appeared, some of which grew to become part of the massive Inca empire before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores in the mid 1500s. Our North West Argentina History Tour delves into the past and visits incredible, significant sites in our region’s history.

The “Indian” people correctly called “Amerindian” lived in many different regions of the country and had different dialects. It is thought that these people would trade amongst each other and live a generally peaceful life.

The arrival of the Spanish changed this peaceful existence forever. There were many bloody battles and a huge amount of hardship for the aboriginal people. Today there are many archeological sites and museums that you can visit. These document the lives of the ancient inhabitants up to and including the arrival of the Spanish and how they effected life in the region. You will be able to see how the people lived, the ceramics and textiles they produced and the tools and foods on which they relied. The Museum of MAAM in the center of Salta contains some of the best preserved mumified remains that you will see in the world.

Modern history saw the gradual emergence of Argentina as a trading nation, facilitating trade between Peru, Bolivia and Spain. The huge growth in cattle gave rise to the Gaucho and in turn the eventual Gaucho armies that fought for the independence of Argentina from the Spanish crown. There are many examples of colonial architecture still visible in many parts of Salta as well as museums dedicated to these influential times.

If you are interested in the history of the Americas we will be able to take you to experience first-hand the wealth of treasures in this region. Enquire now for your perfect North West Argentina History Tour.


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