• Find out what it is like to live as a local in Wild Argentina
  • Explore places very few tourists or city dwellers will ever see
  • Experience the widely untouched Argentine countryside and its varied wild life
  • Walking and horse back safaris with the chance to see many different animal species
  • Learn how some people still fish and hunt to survive in the rural areas


Are you looking to get off the beaten track? Would you like to see the flora and fauna of the Argentina virtually no tourist sees? Then our Wild Argentina Tour is for you.

With a wealth of animals from Peccary wild pigs to Caiman and Giant ant-eaters, northern Argentina has these and much more. We can offer the chance to see an untouched wilderness where you will stay in mud brick houses and rub shoulders with the Criello and Wichi peoples. If you are interested in one of our “Wild Argentina” experiences please get in contact with us. Please note that weather can have a huge effect on these areas so it is not always possible to get to these “off the beaten track” places.

“Wild Argentina” Tours are completely customised. Available options start at around US$75 per person per day (Minimum 2 days) with food included and basic accommodation . This price is based on 4 people sharing an experience together. Rates for smaller groups would need to be arranged. These experiences are not always available as the people with whom you would stay do not work in tourism  but are people living their lives and willing when possible to share how they live. Weather conditions are as mentioned above also a very influential factor. (You will always be accompanied by one of our dedicated staff to translate and assist when necessary),

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from US$150.00pp

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